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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by giorgi78, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. giorgi78 Senior Member

    Sapete dirmi se è giusto usare "author's fake" per dire "falso d'autore"?
  2. primesea Member

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    I don't believe that we use the term "author's fake." I think it's common to simply use "copy" or "fake" depending on the intended connotation.
  3. Azazel81 Senior Member

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    No, I think is more commonly (and more simply) a "perfect fake".

    If I remember well, "falso d'autore" means "un falso fatto alla perfezione", right? A fake which is so similar to the original that even the author would have problems telling the original from the fake.
  4. giorgi78 Senior Member

    Thanks for your help!
  5. maxper Senior Member

    In italiano, falso d'autore è di solito utilizzato per definire copie di quadri famosi eseguiti da veri e propri artisti del settore, specializzati in quel campo... nulla di illegale ovvio, anzi i quadri di questi artisti raggiungono quotazioni rispettabilissime..
    A titolo di esempio

    Come li chiamate negli USA/UK?
  6. primesea Member

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    It's possible that there's a more precise term in the artistic field for those copies of particularly high quality, but (speaking only from the experience of an American who has at least spoken occasionally about art) I would typically just say things like "This painting is a copy of the original" or "No, it's just a fake."

    A native more familiar with the field might be able to provide a better solution, however.

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