Falter Vs Fail

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Brazilian Portuguese
Hello amigos!:)

" Why does the brazilian football team falter/fail at high altitude?"

In the example above, both words does have the same meaning?

Thanks in advance;

  • Trinibeens

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    U.S. English
    In this context, "falter" means "to weaken" or "to waver", but "fail" is a more final term, meaning "to be unsuccessful". For example, a team might falter, but succeed in the end. If they fail, they lose in the end.

    Harry Batt

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    USA English
    Falter is one of my favorite words. It is often applied to circumstances where someone who is a favored player in a sports' contest fails to perform the way he/she should. Its equivalent, using the word "fail," would be, eg., ". . . so the hero failed to come up to his abilities and the team lost."
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