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[Faltering] Yemen Peace Talks

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Irelia20150604, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. Irelia20150604

    Irelia20150604 Senior Member

    China Shanghai
    The quotation comes from Faltering Yemen Peace Talks Extended to August 7

    Quotation: Faltering Yemen Peace Talks Extended to August 7

    Kuwait, which is hosting peace talks between Yemen's Sunni government and Shi'ite rebels, said Saturday that stalemated negotiations had been extended to August 7 at the request of a top U.N. peace envoy.
    Hi everyone! I try to make "faltering" clear here. Does it mean "ineffective"?
  2. Enquiring Mind

    Enquiring Mind Senior Member

    UK/Česká republika
    English - the Queen's
    Hello Irelia, it means the talks keep stopping and starting, in the sense that they are making little progress, and may even fail altogether. "Faltering talks" is a very common collocation. There's another clue here - the talks were "stalemated". They had reached a point where no further progress was being made, so they had "stopped", and the UN is trying to get them to "start" again. The WR dictionary entry here shows the meaning.
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