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Hey there, this is the context:

<<Singer-songwriter Loudon Wainwright III is known for his songs about family dynamics, especially the dysfunctional side.>>

I think that that means the way the family goes, but "dynamics" sounds a little heavy and obscure to me.
If I substitute "interaction" for "dynamics", does that sound OK? Or should I leave "family dynamics" as it is, as an idiom?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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    family dynamics, workplace dynamics - they are both idioms (jargon, really) in the world of psychology. I would leave it as it is, as "dynamics" speaks about more than just the family member's interactions with one another. "Dynamics" also includes the small sub-textual things, non-verbal communication, the power hierarchy within the family, birth order, any parental "favoritism" (real or perceived), etc.

    "Family interaction" sounds okay, but does not capture the same meaning as dynamics.