Family/Group of Oxen, Chickens or Rabbits called?


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What is a Family/Group of Oxen, Chickens or Rabbitscalled?

This is for my grand daughter

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    Flock of chickens

    I do not recall a specific term for rabbits perhaps herd?

    I see a group of rabbits very often though

    I forgot peep of chicks when they are young

    and colony of rabbits

    Herd can also be used for OX


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    Thanks it is a flock of chickens, a herd of Oxen and a colony of Rabbits.
    Now I need to find the collective names fdor grasshoppers, Sailors and Teachers.


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    A clutch of chickens is not a collective for a large group of chickens, but for the very specific set of chickens that belong to one mother hen, having hatched from the clutch of eggs that she laid.


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    A group of rabbits is called a fluffle
    Cute, but it's not listed at this reference site:

    It gives "colony, drove, leash, nest, trace, warren"

    Moreover, an advanced Google search shows nothing with "fluffle" and "rabbit" therein.

    Neither is the word "fluffle" known by the dictionary here, nor Merriam Webster, nor

    It probably doesn't matter since the person asking this question has not visited the forum for the past seven years.

    Do you have some support for your "fluffle" assertion regarding this eight-year-old thread?