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Eddie P

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When trying to find all translations in one page looking thru the internet to find these precise words, it was hard but once I completed all translations on my notepad, I decided to post it here for people that may want to find these translated words in one page English to Spanish. By the way, I'm new here, so If I make a mistake in posting it wrong, please let me know. I love these two languages so let's see if this helps anyone.

I apologize for not using apostrophes in Spanish.

parents = padres
father = padre
mother = madre
mom = mamá
dad = papá
mommy = mami
daddy = papi
wife = esposa
husband = esposo
bride = novia (de bodas)
groom = novio (de bodas)

girlfriend = novia
boyfriend = novio

girl friend = amiga
boy friend = amigo
cousin = primo (a)
girl cousin = prima
boy cousin = primo
daughter = hija
sister = hermana
brother = hermano

adoptive mother = madre adoptiva
adoptive father = padre adoptivo
adoptive grandfather = abuelo adoptivo
adoptive grandmother = abuela adoptiva

step-father = padrastro
step-mother = madrastra
step-son = hijastro
step-daughter = hijastra
aunt = tía
uncle = tío
nephew = sobrino
niece = sobrina

grandpa = abuelita or (abue)
grandma = abuelito or (abue)
grandson = nieto
granddaughter = nieta
mother-in-law = suegra
father-in-law = suegro
my in-laws = mis suegros
sister-in-law = cuñada
brother-in-law = cuñado
godmother = madrina
godfather= padrino

great-grandfather = bisabuelo
great-grandmother = bisabuela
great great grandfather = tatarabuelo
great great grandmother = tatarabuela

If you guys know more related words to this subject that need to be translated, please let me know. Thanks
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  • Eddie P

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    You are so welcome Bonz, I just collected more translations. I love this!!

    generation = generacion
    firstborn = primogenito
    relative = pariente

    son-in-law = yerno
    daughter-in-law = nuera

    uncle-in-law = tio politico
    aunt-in-law = tia politica
    cousin-in-law = primo politico
    nephew-in-law = sobrino politico
    niece-in-law = sobrina politica
    grandparents-in-law = abuelos politicos

    My son's mother-in-law = mi consuegra (por parte de mi hijo)
    My daughter's mother-in-law = mi consuegra (por parte de mi hija)
    My son's father-in-law = mi consuegro (por parte de mi hijo)

    My son's mother-in-law = mi consuegra (por parte de mi hijo)
    my sister-in-law's husband = mi concuño
    my brother-in-law's wife= mi concuña

    orphan = huerfano (a)
    adopted = adoptado
    sibling (s) = hermano (a) (os) (as)
    twin brothers = hermanos gemelos
    twin sisters = hermanas gemelas
    twins = gemelos

    descendants = descendientes

    an aquaintance = un conocido
    ancestors = ancestros

    grandparents = abuelos
    grandpa = abuelita or (abue)
    grandma = abuelito or (abue)

    woman = mujer
    women = mujeres
    man = hombre
    men = hombres

    youthful = juvenil
    young = joven
    chick = chica
    gal = chava
    boy = chico or muchacho
    girl = muchacha
    little girl = muchachita
    little boy = muchachito
    very little girl = morrita
    very little boy = morrito
    young man = joven
    young girl = jovencita / muchacha
    young boy = jovencito / muchacho
    lady = señora
    young lady = señorita
    miss = señorita
    ma'am / madam = dama

    Sr. = Sr
    Ms. = Srta.
    Mrs. = Sra.

    lass = chavala
    lassie = chavita
    bobbysoxer = chamaquita
    adolescent = adolecente
    teenager = chavo / chava (adolescente)

    wench = moza
    goddaughter = ahijada
    godson = ahijado
    great-grandson = bisnieto
    great-granddaughter = bisnieta
    grandchildren = nietos
    the oldest brother/sister = el hermano (a) mayor
    the youngest brother/sister = el hermano (a) menor

    Perhaps some of the words shouldn't be here but I still put them as reference.
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