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I am looking for a portuguese translation of "family sports car". At the moment I have "um carro esporte para a família." Is there a term which is a little more precise than this that you have seen in any advertising? Thanks!
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    Que eu saiba não temos uma designação específica juntando o (carro) esportivo à família. O máximo que achei foi:
    "Carro esportivo e de Família ao mesmo tempo". (veja)


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    "um carro esporte para a família" is good. i don't think there's another term more appropried. i think it depends on how you're gonna use it in the phrase. but it seems ok to me.


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    Eu desculpar-se. I apologize for the English language. 'Family sports car' is a silly marketing phrase, designed to convey an image of something that doesn't really exist, not to make sense. So 'sport car for family' is as close as you're likely to get.

    And be glad that ad copywriters don't get to inject nonsense phrases into Portuguese like they do into English.


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    Thanks everyone! But I have actually found the exact translation of the slogan by the company and it is "Finalmente um carro esporte familiar". But I agree, Arbilab, it is a bit of a silly marketing designation!


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    I think that the term you're looking for is "sedan esportivo". That's how Toyota defines its Lexus ES 300, for example. The reason being that the denomination "family car" alludes to the size of the car, as much as to its purpose.

    A family car is a sedan, in Brazilian terms.

    Check out these links using that term.

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