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Quotes from movie<Copenhagen>
"You know, it is when you're all alone, with no friends, no family to lean on, that you find out if you are the kind of person that one can lean on."

So I'm confused here, to me, this sentence makes no sense, it has no logic.. Someone please enlighten me on this:)
  • JuriTerreni

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    no family to lean on (colloquial) = no family [members] to rely upon
    Yeah, I get this first half of the sentence, what confuses me is the second half, I just don't understand why is that when you have no one to lean on and then you can find out that you are the kind of person that one can lean on..
    I understand that if you don't have anyone to lean on, you can only lean on yourself. So you become tough and focused, a person other people can lean on too. Also, when you know what being on your own means, you understand better people that don't have anyone to lean on and you become more willing to help and being supportive.
    But the first meaning is the one that I got at first look.
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