famous old Italian painting


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1) This is a photo of a famous old Italian painting.
2) Both of them have got lovely dark, long hair.
3) Sherlock is a popular new British programme.

Hello! Can you help me once again, please? I have to put the adjectives in the right order.
What would you suggest? Do you find the sentences correct? And what about the comma I put in 2)? I don't think that commas are to be placed in 1) and 2): do you agree? Thanks a lot beforehand!
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    We use the order 'long, dark hair'. The other two are right*. I don't personally like commas between adjectives, but yes, 'long' and 'dark' apply at the same level, so I would put a comma there.

    * a famous old Italian panting sounds like Berlusconi on a hot day, but I mean it's right for painting. :)
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