fancy-dress boxes

Kanken J.

Mandarin - Mainland China
Hi there

I'm reading a news story on some "kidulting" venues and a phrase turns out to be a bit confusing:

This all explains the lure of kidulting. Dopamine Land—with its fancy-dress boxes, craft stations and picture-perfect backgrounds—asks nothing of its visitors. There is no information to take in, no rules to follow, no goals to achieve.

Is "fancy-dress box" a figurative reference to the repository of costumes that Dopamine Land has? Or does it refer to some box-shaped costumes?

  • It is not possible to view the story without signing up for a free trial... I would assume that the fancy-dress boxes are large boxes each of which contain a fancy-dress outfit of some sort.

    See Costume vs. Fancy dress

    The rest of the story doesn't mention anything about "fancy-dress boxes", so that's why I need to search online (which I did) and consult native speakers :)