fantastic squirrel!

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traduttore traditore

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Could someone please help me understand this expression?

"Fantastic squirrel! - Encouraging words... if you are indeed referring to a squirrel. If it's supposed to be an elephant, you've got a small problem."

Any suggestions are welcome...
  • traduttore traditore

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    Ok - there goes: it's a text on marketing, design and how to plan business strategies.

    Fantastic squirrel! seems to be someone's comment on your product design... Something that (apparently) sounds encouraging. The next part of the text is as follows:

    "But not to worry. The planning phase is the time to uncover these issues. It allows you to wrangle them before they charge into the real world and do any major damage."

    - FANTASTIC SQUIRREL. By Franklyn Porcelain 1984
    - Gathering the Fantastic Squirrel Funk
    - (9 Fantastic Squirrel Recipes, fantastic squirrel repellant, fantastic squirrel impression, fantastic squirrel shot...etc.)


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    Imagine a child drawing a picture of an elephant. Now imagine how the child feels when you look at it's drawing of an elephant and say "What a fantastic drawing of a squirrel!"
    From what you say about the context, it seems to be used as a sarcastic comment on the quality of someone's design. "Your design is a fantastic squirrel" means it's about as useful as a drawing of an elephant that looks like a drawing of a squirrel.


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    Thank you liliput,
    That is a wonderful and clear description. I'm sure you're right about the origin of the phrase.

    It looks to me like someone liked the phrase and is collecting examples of it's use, not necessarily related to it's origin. Squirrel can be used in cooking, those might be good recipes. Squirrels are a nuisance, an effective repellant would be a valuable product.
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