fantasy/fantastic/fantastical world

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Do all of the italic words fit in the following and mean about the same to you? Thanks.

--Harry Potter leads us to a fantasy/fantatic/fantastical world.
  • cycloneviv

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    English - Australia
    Fantasy and fantastical are fine, but fantatic is not a word. Did you mean fantastic?

    If so, that makes sense but does not necessarily have the same meaning as the other two. "Fantastic" is most commonly used to mean "great, excellent".


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    A fancy world is an inordinately ornate world.
    A fantasy world is a world of make-believe.
    A fantastic world is a wonderful world.
    A fantastical world is a world of bizarre happenings.

    These four words have other meanings, which they share, but these are the main meanings that come to mind with "world".
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