far more significant a predictor/a far more significant predictor


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Source: Alcoholism, Now Viewed as a Disease, Stirs Researchers

Dr. Donald Goodwin, psychiatrist at Washington University found in a study of half‐brother that genetics was far more significant a predictor of alcoholism in the children than environment—“If a boy's real father was alcoholic, his chances of also being an alcoholic were much greater than if he had been reared by an alcoholic stepfather.” In fact, living with an alcoholic stepfather did not seem to have any effect on the incidence of alcoholism in his stepchildren.
Hi everyone! What would be the difference if I rewrote the bold part as "genetics was a far more significant predictor....than..."?
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    far more significant a predictor of alcoholism = far more significant {an example of a[ny] predictor of alcoholism}
    a far more significant predictor of alcoholism = {an example of a far more significant predictor} of alcoholism.

    The difference is quite subtle and not really important.
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