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I can't understand what is meant by "political mark" in the below sentence:

On first glance, Le Pen's claiming the soccer victory appears farcical; a second glance suggests he may have not been so far off the political mark.

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    To be "off the mark" is to make a mistake, especially to say something that is incorrect, or that keeps you from achieving your goal.

    If Le Pen were "off the political mark", that would mean that he said something that would keep him from achieving his political goals. When the writer says that Le Pen "may not have been so far off the political mark", he is saying that Le Pen didn't do much damage to his success in furthering his political goals. This is an understated way of saying that what Le Pen said, though "farcical", probably furthered his political agenda.

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    Cagey, thank you very much. Now I can understand it very clearly.

    Long live Word reference! :p
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