farine de blé / farine de froment

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    There is a very interesting thread about wheatflour, but can anyone suggest a difference between 'farine de blé' and 'farine de froment'. I have to translate a list of ingredients and these both appear, so need different translations.

    Thanks in advance
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    Found this explanation, if it helps at all...
    "Le froment, du latin fromentum, est l'appellation du blé tendre par opposition aux autres céréales. Le blé tendre (Triticum vulgare ou aestivum), ou froment, est surtout utilisé pour la fabrication du pain, tandis que le blé dur (Triticum durum), qui n'est pas panifiable, est employé pour fabriquer semoules et pâtes alimentaires.
    La culture du blé dur nécessite un climat de type méditerranéen ; le blé dur est de ce fait moins cultivé que le blé dur.
    Le blé dur est plus riche en protides et en minéraux que le blé tendre."

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    I believe froment translates into common wheat or bread wheat.
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    Thank you both,

    I'm trying to decide between 'durum wheat flour' and 'semolina flour' for farine de blé dur, and simply 'wheat' or 'strong' or bread wheat flour' for farine de blé tendre.

    You were very helpful
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    there are two basic kinds of wheat -- hard and tender

    in North America hard wheat is used to make "standard" flour--in stores it is labeled all-purpose flour. You can also find a version with extra gluten in it (for making bread) called... bread flour

    semolina wheat is an especially hard flour used to make pasta--hard to find in a supermarket, but it is usually called semolina (flour) as an ingredient

    soft wheat is not as widely used in North America as it is in Europe. To get it in the US you have to look for cake flour

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