Fark etmez

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I was listening to Aya benzer song by Mustafa Sandal and I found a translation that translated the phrase:
Hiç kimse fark etmez

Into: no body noticed (or is notices)

But I was under the impression that it meant: I don't care about anyone

If the former meaning is the correct one, then how can I say: I don't care about anyone. Using fark etmez
  • Rallino

    The expression fark etmez does not exactly mean I don't care. It means I'm okay with all the options.

    For example:
    - Pizza mı yersin makarna mı? (Do you want pizza or pasta?)
    - Fark etmez. (Doesn't matter which. / I'm fine with either.)

    You can say Benim için hiç kimse fark etmez to mean I'm fine with anyone. Person A or person B; it doesn't matter who.

    In your sentence, it's from the first meaning of the verb fark etmek: to notice. So it really says No one notices / No one will notice.
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