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  1. Horazio Senior Member

    italian / spanish (bilingual)

    Please find attached glossary of farm animal names with following languages:

    italian, spanish, english, french, german, dutch, hungarian, estonian, albanian, turkish, serb, swedish

    Since I used an onlyne translator your comments will be welcome thanks



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  2. zoetsa Senior Member

    I can't open xls but if you send me a pm with the English and the Hungarian words it will be a pleasure to check it for you.
  3. hurma New Member

    Ciao Horazio!

    Some corrections for Albanian words:

    Gallina = Pulë (instead of femër= female)
    Pecora = Dele ( Dhen is used only in plural to describe the family just like cattle for cows)
    Oca= Patë (instead of gatë)
    Uovo= Vezë
    Pulcino=Zog pule ( kalama means child)

    Also at Serbian section Toro=Bik ( besmislica means absurd)

    It's interesting to see the Turkish word for Donkey (Eşek) how close it is with Sicilian sceccu :)
  4. XiaoRoel

    XiaoRoel Senior Member

    Vigo (Galiza)
    galego, español
  5. apmoy70

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