Faroese: Tips for learning

Do you know any sites helpful in learning the faroese language ? I would like to see the basic informations about the grammar of faroese, some vocabulary and so on. It is very hard to find that sites, because faroese is rather not any popular language. Does anybody of you is learning/used to learn or speak faroese ? What do you think about this language ?
  • Give that it's a language of only some 60 000 speakers, it's perhaps not so strange that it is difficult to come across courses or study material.. :| On wiki there's some info about the Faroese language.

    This omniglot page has some links and info, and this sympathetic little page with info on Faroese grammar, pronounciation, vocabulary etc.

    May I ask what made you want to learn Faroese?

    In any case, have fun :)

    þú mundir geta lært Íslenskuna í staðinn fyrir Færeyskuna, þær eru mjög líklegar

    bah ég skil ekki alveg þessa nútímaunglinga... :confused: