Faroese: unstressed syllables on the beginning of the words

Jakub Groncki

Polish - Poland
Hi! :)

So, my second question is: how to pronounce the unstressed prefixes in Faroese? For example: avlýsa, avstað or umhvørvi, umleið...

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  • Is Faroese pronounciation closer to icelandic or danish pronounciation? avlýsa is cancel right? avstað = pass! , umhvorvi is then evironment right? and umleið = pass!
    Faroese pronunciation is closer to... none of them ;) But I'd opt for Icelandic. That's right, umleið = about and avstað = to that place(Sw. åstad)
    I don't really understand the problem here.

    Faroese generally stresses the first syllable, but when that syllable is a prefix, the stress falls on the second syllable. The first syllable is then treated like any other unstressed syllable, as simple as that.