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It seems that the translation for "fashion designer" and "fashion stylist," in Italian, is "stilista".

If so, how do most people verbally differentiate between these two different jobs? Fashion designers design clothes. Stylists put together clothes to present in outfits on the human form.

Looking on Vogue Italia, it does seem that they call designers "stilisti". Stilisti News, Foto, Video e ultime Notizie -

For stylists, I just found one where they used the English word "stylist".
"A questi si aggiunge Karl Templer, stylist piuttosto conosciuto nel fashion system," Moncler arruola 8 designer e cambia strategia

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    While waiting for some madrelingue to give their opinions I can tell you that I was in the fashion business for a long time and very often worked in French. There was always a great distinction between a designer and a stylist. A stylist might be hired to work on a photo shoot, for example, looking after shoes and accessories, but the designer is the one who developed the clothing from A - Z. In French, I believe like in Italian, we would use the English word "designer" and the equivalent of "stilista" for a stylist.
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