Fashionable/ fashion person


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Fashionable/ fashion person
Hello! I'd like to ask you if "fashion" could also mean "trendy", that is, can a person who likes fashion and wearing trendy clothing be defined as a "fashion person" or is he/she just a "fashionable person"? Thanks a lot in advance!
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    If the person's interest is strong enough (to them it is like a hobby) then "fashion person" makes sense.


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    Thank a lot to the two of you! I'm wondering how I can define a person who has a strong passion for fashion, even though he/she does something else as a job: is that clear enough? For example, if a housewife reads alot of fashion magazines, is always updated about fashion shows, likes wearing beautiful dresses, can she be defined a "fashion housewife" (also in an ironic or sarcastic sense) ? Thanks a lot once again!


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    Fashionable is certainly a legitimate and not uncommon adjective, which can be applied to a trend, an address/area, a venue, clothes/accessories, etc., or to a person/man/woman.

    Using the noun fashion as a modifier is fine for a fashion house, a fashion label, a fashion trend, etc., but “fashion person” doesn’t sound very natural (although it’s certainly used), and fashion man/woman sounds quite wrong.

    EDIT: In answer to #6, you could use the adjective fashion-conscious.

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    1.Typo.! Oopsie!. I meant fashionista. Of course.
    2. I'm well aware of the rest of yours, if it was addressed to me.
    3. Never heard of 'fashionist'. Mea culpa!:eek: Either too old or too young.
    4. What's your response to the OP?
    In AE, "trendy" to describe a person to me is a very general term and would need context to clarify. It does mean "keeping up with (all) the latest trends", but that might refer to cooking, or the latest electronic gadget, or the latest "politically correct" language, etc. By itself it does not refer to clothes.

    You would have to come out and say, "Person X wears trendy clothes."

    In AE, if referring to a woman or man's interest in the latest style of clothes, "She/He's very fashionable*" is a very common thing to say.

    I guess a "fashion person" is possible, since we have a somewhat slangy construction "He's/She's/a xnoun person" = the individual in question has an intense interest in xnoun almost to the exclusion of other interests.

    It's not my favorite, but people do use it.


    Dave's a car person. = Dave is obsessed by cars.
    I'm a cat person. = I've always had lots of them, I read books about them, I even love cartoons of them, etc.
    She's a fashion person = She follows fashion in women's clothes.

    *fashionable can also have an alternative meaning of "the ability to dress oneself well" in the sense of somehow always wearing the rightly colored and nicely fitting things, no matter what they're wearing, even if the clothes are old and out of style from decades ago, but the combinations always seem to work on that person.
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