Fashionable girl - in a single word


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Is there a word in English that would refer to a fashionable girl, or imply that the girl likes dressing up to the nines. I've come across words such as: a clotheshorse, or a dandy, but that's not what I need :( Can anyone help me?
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    I’m sure there have been other threads on this. The most appropriate word may be fashionista? (Dandy is male and about 200 years out of date.)


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    Welcome to the forum, muy_tel.

    In the US we often use the noun "fashionista". It's probably Italian or French, but in the US it means someone who is very interested in fashion.

    We use adjectives "stylish" and "fashionable" and "chic".

    We use "dressing up to the nines" and "dressed to the nines".
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