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    Hello everyone:

    In the following sentence, which is from Oxford Thesaurus Dictionary , can I also use
    fashionable, trendy or hip?

    Not caring a fig what poor conditions most of his people live in, he has a glamorous lifestyle.

    fashionable b)trendy c) hip

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  2. JustKate

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    No, glamorous doesn't mean the same thing as the other three. It means (and I'm quoting because it seems to have the best definition) "full of excitement, adventure, and unusual activity," and none of that has anything to do with fashion.
  3. gramman

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    Hey high

    I think you're looking for something like opulent, lavish, or extravagant. They are more of a contrast with "living in poor conditions."
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    Thank you guys.
  5. Copyright

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    American English
    Just as a note, synonyms quite often aren't synonymous -- they are often just similar words, words in the same general area. Each of the "synonyms" will have different shades of meaning, but a synonym dictionary has to give you some alternatives or it wouldn't exist. :)

    Many of us use a thesaurus simply as a thought-starter, a way of finding something similar but different, rather than trying to find an exact substitute for a word we have in mind.

    I hope this makes a little sense. The underlying advice is that you shouldn't treat these "synonyms" as interchangeable words that have the same meaning.
  6. gramman

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    Hey again

    Copyright's advise here seems well-founded, especially if you're dealing with a second language. Let me briefly note my steps in arriving at those suggestions. In years past, I might have been able to do this without a thesaurus, but I'm getting to be an old man now, so a common thought I have when trying to think of something is "ahhh …"

    I searched in under "poor," taken from your sentence. "Affluent" is listed as an antonym. "Opulent" seemed to be the best choice from the first group to modify "lifestyle" as it's used in your sentence. (This, no doubt, is drawn from my experience as a native English speaker.) Clicking on opulent produces a list that includes lavish and extravagant. I listed those three in my order of preference.

    I'd say the connotation they share is one of excess. In other words, they describe a lifestyle that is not only associated with affluence, but with ostentatious, over-the-top trappings of wealth. That seems appropriate in light of this man's "not caring a fig what poor conditions most of his people live in."
  7. High on grammar Senior Member

    Thanks, endless thanks to you and everyone else.

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