Fashionably late

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    If you're popular and in demand, if you have a full social schedule and know that people will be happy, no thrilled, to see you even if you're late, you can show that, in theory, by arriving late for an event. Just as kids don't want to show up early for a party (and sit alone), people who are "fashionably late" will show up after the party's official starting time. (Whether that means half an hour or three hours would depend on the context.)

    It's "unfashionable" to show up early or on time.


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    Hi, Dr. Susy.

    No, it doesn't mean exactly that.

    It's not like when you get stuck in traffic and can't make it, but usually people don't mind much if you're only 15 minutes late.

    Like Biblio said, it's a way to prove your social status. When you're invited to an event, instead of being there on time, you go there late on purpose. This way, when you enter (and presumably interrupt whatever is going on at the time), you can see how everybody turns their head to see you, come up and greet you, conversations stop and people either stare or smile at you...

    I hope this is clearer :/