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What's the most commonly recognised French translation of the English 'fast-food'? Is it 'la nourriture d'importer'? What's the difference between this and 'les plats cuisines'? Does one mean 'microwaveable/ready meals' because I need a translation for this too!



Comment-dit on en français l'anglais 'fast-food' et qu'est-ce que c'est le mot français (ou peut-être la phrase) pour 'microwaveable/ready meals' (par exemple les currys qu'on peut décongeler dans le four à micr-ondes, puis manger immédiatement).

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    The term in French is "un fast-food". You can also say "le mal bouffe" but that carries along the implicit negative connotation contained in the expression. Les plats cuisinés are ready to eat meals which can be microwaved but are not always microwaveable. What you would see on the packaging would be "cuisson aux micro-ondes" for microwaveable food.

    I forgot to add that "à emporter" means take away food or to go.


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    The most commonly used phrase are: fast-food, macdo, quick and other trademarks according to where you are used to go.