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My friend told me the expression "Can you speed up the movie" is incorrect when I want to omit some part of the movie which I think it's very boring. She said I should say "Can you fast forward". But I looked up the phrase in, the term is specifically for tape recorder or cassette deck, my question is that if I play the movie on my computer by using a kind of software and can I also say "Can you fast forward" to someone who is controlling the computer to omit the part I don't like?

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  • Wil_Estel

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    Your friend is right. You don't 'speed up' the movie. It's not a car. You can't speed it up.

    Another word you can use is 'to skip.' For example, "Can we skip this part? It's really boring."


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    You don't 'speed up' the movie. It's not a car. You can't speed it up.
    You can (or could with films that are frame-by-frame on tape) play them in a faster speed than they are supposed to be watched in, some of the old silent movies were shown in speed-up tempo, and I remember that sometimes when watching a movie on tv back before the movies was on CD/DVD the technician had put on a film in the wrong speed. That was when the film was on tape such as this:
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