Fastener Drive Bit Set

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    Hi everyone, I'm translating a list of tools and I found this term: "Fastener Drive Bit Set". I have no context at all. Other words of the list are related to hardened steel, drilling precise holes, fast cutting tips, etc. I think a picture of the set is this: I have no idea how to name that in Spanish. Any help at all??? Thanks a lot!!!
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    I can't do the translation but I can explain.

    There are many types of fastener: nails, bolts, screws, rivets.

    These fasteners are 'driven' into the material they are to fix. A hammer drives nails and a screwdriver drives screws.

    A bit is an item that fits into a drill or handle. It has some kind of tool on the end. A drill bit is used for drilling holes. A screwdriver bit is used for driving screws.

    So this is a set of bits that can drive various fasteners.

    Does that make sense?
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    Juego de puntas de destornillador.

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