Father Christmas

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  1. lluvia Member

    By which name is Father Christmas Or Santa Claus known as in the spanish world.

    San Nicolás or Papá Noel
  2. Lluna1977 Senior Member

    Catalan / Spanish
    I'd say that Papá Noel is the most usual one.
  3. Artrella Banned


    The same here in Argentina. PAPA NOEL :)
  4. TUPROFE New Member

    In Peru and other countries in Latinamerica we call him Papa Noel
  5. hoogiesgirl

    hoogiesgirl Senior Member

    Papá Noél, sin lugar a dudas
  6. Cía Member

    España Castellano
    La verdad es que san Nicolás se usa poco. En españa le llamamos Papá Noel o Santa Claus. (claro que aquí, lo que de verdad se celebra son Los reyes Magos ;)
  7. Memphis Tennessee Member

    Barcelona, Spain (català & spanish)
    San Nicolás se utiliza en Holanda, que para ellos viene de España, y aquí se utiliza Papa Noel o Santa Claus

  8. Bengal Member

    French, English
    It's quite interesting that he should be called Papa Noel in Spanish-speaking countries. Is the coinage directly imported from French (Noël is French for Navidad, and Father Xmas is "Père Noël" in French) ? Aybody know how this happened to be? Why is there no "Padre Navidad"?

    Gracias de antemano

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