Fatto salvo ogni diritto ed azione

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Petr, May 26, 2005.

  1. Petr Senior Member

    What does the sentence "Fatti comunque salvi ogni diritto ed azione del Venditore in merito alla risoluzione ed al risarcimento del danno, il Venditore ha facolta di sospendere l'esecuzione" mean?
  2. DDT

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    "fatto/i salvo/i" can be rendered as "unless"...concerning the rest of the phrase, why don't you give a shot first? I am sure members will be glad to help you right after ;)

  3. Silvia

    Silvia Senior Member

    With the exception of... (see "salvo" in WR dictionary).
  4. Petr Senior Member

    Many thanks.
  5. Petr Senior Member

    This sentence is the beginning of the paragraph, therefore I cannot understand it.
  6. giovie72 New Member

    I would really appreciate any help with this phrase:
    "I ricavi derivanti da una eventuale utilizzazione dei materiali e mezzi di costruzione usati, saranno portati a credito dell'impresa, fatto salvo ogni diritto, ragione od azione per danni subiti dalla committente."

    First of all I would appreciate any help in translating the second half of this phrase.
    Second of all my questions is:
    This is a contract in which "l'impresa" is suppose to do construction work for "Il committente". In this part of the contract it states that if "l'impresa" is in default, than "Il committente" can terminate this contract and hire someone else to finish the job. The NEW contractor can than use all the former contractors tools, supplies and machinery left on the premises. OK now my point, if "l'impresa" failed to complete the job and "il committente" had to find someone else, why would "il committente" have to credit the "impresa" if he failed to comply as indicated in the above phrase?

    Thanks for your patience in reading this long post. Again I appreciate any input

    MAVERIK Senior Member

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    My attempt :

    Incomes coming from one eventual use of materials and building used tools , will be recognized as a credit to the company, reserving the right , reason or acting for any damage suffered by the company itself.
  8. giovie72 New Member

    Thank you so much for your help. That seems to fit fine, I would maybe substitute incomes with proceeds.

    MAVERIK Senior Member

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    You're welcome
  10. mucow New Member

    fatto salvo is not an easy one and it can be translated in many ways depending on the context etc.
    It sometimes has the same meaning as -salvo- alone (unless, except that/for),
    but more frequently it conveys the unchangeable nature of what follows in that portion of the sentence (eg. from fatti salvi until the comma)regardless what is being said elsewhere, and it is therefore translated as notwithstanding, without prejudice to, subject to, except for and with any other solution that suits the context. I know it can be confusing as the translations given are all very different, but you need to remember that the aim is to confirm and maintain unchanged what follows (in this case the rights and actions..). I think I would choose -without prejudice to- for your sentence . -Subject to- is the set translation for fatto salvo when followed by the article of a law( fatto salvo l´art.5 comma 2...). Hope it helps
  11. squeaksoup Banned

    USA English
    È fatto salvo l'articolo 70 capoverso 5 LIFD.

    I am having difficulty figuring out the meaning of "È fatto salvo." I have checked WR but I still am unsure. Does it just mean except for article 70...? I know it is legalese but I am not sure of the meaning. Thanks for any input.

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