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Good evening everybody,

I would like to know the french equivalent of "This application note describes the Cortex-M fault exceptions from the programmers view"

My problem is "fault exceptions".

Thank you,

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    Welcome jerem02,
    Very specialised computer jargon in French is not my forte, but faute de mieux : Ce memo "application" décrit les exceptions du Cortex-M erreur(s) du point de vue d'un programmateur - maybe ???? while waiting for a French native programmer.
    Did you mean from the programmer's point of view? and does the fault (error) apply to the Cortex-M or to the exceptions???



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    Welcome to the forum, jerem02...:)

    Without further context, "fault exceptions" are usually interrupts (exceptions) arising from invalid memory references (faults) in a program, so "fault exceptions" should probably translate as something like "[exceptions de type] erreur d'adressage [mémoire]".
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