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Hi everyone,

I am working on a calculation note, and I am wrestling with the the term 'faute de donnée'. I'll include the sentence, which I understand, except I am calling 'faute de donnée' 'input discrepencies', with which I am really displeased. My brain is blocking me from the correct term.

on suppose, de manière pénalisante pour le calcul d'élévation de température et
faute de données relatives aux propriétés physiques de l'eau à basse température, que l'inertie thermique liée à l'eau est négligeable.​

Merci d'avance!!!

  • Fred_C

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    I like that, mcb 34. Thanks. I just wasn't sure if it was a common technological term, but I like your suggestion.
    It is not technological at all.
    "faute de" is a common french phrase that means "for lack of...", or something better expressed.


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    Thanks Fred C. I knew about the "faute de...", but I sometimes think I am being tricked with some of these technical terms - a lot of what seems obvious, isn't. Thanks for your validation :)
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