Favoured by Papa

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I just came across this thread: 'Favoured by papa. <To remind>' and have a related question.

From David Copperfield - Charles Dickens:

And so it came about, in the end, that Mr. Spenlow told me this day week was Dora's birthday, and he would be glad if I would come down and join a little picnic on the occasion. I went out of my senses immediately; became a mere driveller next day, on receipt of a little lace-edged sheet of note-paper, 'Favoured by papa. To remind'; and passed the intervening period in a state of dotage.

The reference to "Papa" indicates Dora wrote those words and I suppose it was a note to remind DC of the picnic but I'm not sure what "Favoured by papa" means here. Could someone explain please?

I think it means that she had asked her father to invite the narrator as a favour to her and he had done so but am not sure.
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    I think it means "you have been favoured by papa". It is David who has received the favour of the invitation.
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