Favourite words to roll your "R"s with?

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  1. aussiegirl81 New Member

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    What are your favourite words to roll your "r"s in?

    When I was in Guatemala for 4 months, I noticed that some people rolled their Rs a whole lot more often than others. It always sounded so nice.

    Sometimes it was just a simple word: "por" but he would go "porrrrr" and It was so nice! I bet he didnt even realise he was doing it, but it didnt happen with everyone, or everytime.

    What are your fave words to roll Rs in?

    Id love to know, so I can make a special note of those words too - I dont know my rolling-rs rules!

    Muchos gracias a todos!

  2. DCPaco Senior Member

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    For the most part, Rs are rolled when they are in the initial position (as in Rápido) and when they are double (as in caRRo). And I'm not sure what the other countries do (they probably have the same tongue twister) but in Mexico we have this:

    Rr con Rr cigarro
    Rr con Rr barril
    Rápido corren los carros
    cargados de azucar
    del ferrocarril.

    There is a band that I like from Mexico, they are called Moenia and the lead singer really rolls his Rs...especially when they are in the inital position. He is very articulate so it doesn't sound exaggerated.
  3. Manuel G. Rey

    Manuel G. Rey Senior Member

    Rs are also rolled after s (like in Israel) and n (enrollar)
  4. aussiegirl81 New Member

    australia, english
    thankyou! Very helpful! :)
  5. DCPaco Senior Member

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    Spanish of Mexico/ English of the USA
    Here aussie girl, I found a song by Moenia (from Mexico...in my opinion, one of our best bands that seldom gets mainstream attention) where he really rolls the rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

    rrrrrrrrrregreso a casa me lo rrrrrrrreclama el corazón...en camas de rrrrosas...rrecuperé...


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