fazer-lhe a vontade

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  1. reka39 Banned

    Hello! What does the following sentence mean: "ainda que quisesse fazer-lhe a vontade". I am not so sure if "a vontade" is with or without accent. Thank you.
  2. Vanda

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    Without! Fazer-lhe a vontade... do what he/she wants,desires....
  3. mglenadel

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    Complementing: "à vontade" means "at ease", and in that case the usual collocation would be "deixar (the person) à vontade".

    The construction "fazer a vontade" with the verb "fazer" is as Vanda said above.
  4. reka39 Banned

    Thank you for your help! And what does the whole sentence mean?
  5. Archimec Senior Member

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    Even if he/she wanted to comply... (?)

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