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could you please help me with this sentence:

While I enjoy your letters, I do feel a little fear over them as well.

What does to feel fear over mean? I have heared of 'fear of' and 'fear for' but not 'fear over'.

I am looking forward to your answers.
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    A man and a woman, who were very close many years ago, started to exchange letters again. Both are in a different relationship now. The content of the letters I don't know, but I would assume it is something personal.


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    It's a private source.
    You can tell us something useful about the source even if you can't reveal it. Are they native English speakers? Is this edited fiction to be published, non-edited fiction someone posted anonymously, or real letters from real people? Etc.


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    Arcona, we still need some more "context' to make reasonable judgment about what 'over' means here.
    While I enjoy your letters, I do feel a little fear over them as well.
    The use of 'over' is unusual, though not ungrammatical, in my opinion. It seems to fit this meaning in our current dictionary's definition of over:
    9. on the subject of; about: an argument over nothing

    Here, it may mean that the writer thinks that the correspondence itself could be dangerous because it could expose the illicit relationship, so they are afraid even to receive them.

    Possibly there is something about the content of the letters that worries the writer on an emotional level.

    Please tell us a little more. Is the sentence you are quoting taken from personal writing, or is it part of a novel? What is the general subject of the passage this was taken from? And so on.
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