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    Hola, me gustaría una ayudita para comprender mejor la diferencia (en inglés) entre feasible (que para mí seria factible o posible) y viable (viable, que se puede llevar a cabo... en castellano también)...
    Many thanks.
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  2. miss sparkles

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    I don't think there's a difference, really. I do use feasible more often than viable, but they mean practically the same thing.
  3. xeneise73 Senior Member

    Córdoba (Spain)
    Spanish (Argentina)
    OK...many thanks (I agree with you but wasn't sure before)...
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  4. Feasible refers to a plan that could work, for a example

    A viable plan is an alternate plan that could also work in lieu of the feasible plan not working.

    Hope it helps, cheers!
  5. JB

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    English (AE)
    The proper, original meaning of "viable" is "capable of living outside the womb" (applied to a fetus). The root is the word for "life".

    However, in common usage, it is has been corrupted, or extended, to mean "workable", "practical", etc.
    In practice, this is a synonym of feasible. See definition here.

    Both words are used loosely (at least in the U.S.) which makes it difficult to give you an exact explanation without a specific context.

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