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  1. guzhi Senior Member


    Is it correct to say:
    -This lesson plan is feasible for native speakers.

  2. mrbilal87

    mrbilal87 Senior Member

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    Yes it is! ;)

  3. maxiogee Banned

    I don't think it is.
    I don't think things are 'feasible for'.
    The WordRef definition seems to agree with me.
    A adjective 1 feasible, executable, practicable, viable, workable
    capable of being done with means at hand and circumstances as they are

    It is not the "lesson plan" which will be done by the native speakers, it is achieving whatever the goals fo the plan are.
    Perhaps you need to say something like "Achieving the targets of this lesson plan is feasible for native speakers".
  4. mjscott Senior Member

    I don't get why it's not acceptable as it is stated:

    "This lesson plan is feasible for native speakers."
  5. Dimcl Senior Member

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    Once again, we have a context issue...

    I agree with Max if we are using the word "feasible" to mean "capable of being done or accomplished". With this meaning, a lesson plan being feasible for native-speakers doesn't work.

    If we are using the word "feasible" to mean "suitable", then it does work because it means that the lesson plan is suitable for teaching native-speakers.
  6. panjandrum

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    But why would we suggest using feasible to mean suitable, when it doesn't?

    Replace feasible in the original sentence with suitable and it makes sense.
  7. maxiogee Banned

    Because we don't have enough cont[1].gif

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