feather away into a void

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Gusts of conflicting winds shaped the falling water into pale-winged phantoms that billowed across the highway, and the world beyond this hurtling mass of armor seemed to melt away, until there was only the dark and nothing in it but a short length of pavement that might feather away into a void.
Source: The Silent Corner by Dean Koontz
Context: Jane Hawk is driving Gurkha RPV Civilian Edition on the San Diego interstate highway.

What does feather away mean? disappear?

pale-winged phantoms: suggestive of phantoms with wings that are pale (not bright)
billow: move or flow outward with an undulating (wavelike) motion
hurtling: moving at a high speed

Thank you.
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    to feather is a verb used mainly in painting and image manipulation - an object in an image is said to feather if its edges blend into the background.
    Away (adv.) - into the distance; until invisible
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