feathers do not pay the rent

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I came across this sentence when doing comprehensive reading.There is no source and author provided.I hope you can help me out .Here is the sentence .

Suppose you are a computer hacker and you discover a bug in a piece of software that,if it were known to the bad guys ,would enable them to steal money or even a person's identity .It would be a feather in your cap.But feather do not pay the rent .So how might you sell your discovery ?

So ,what does the “feather do not pay the rent "?
Thank you in advance .
  • Assassin007

    It means that if you do a wrong things you by yourself is responsible of it not your father and not other .
    You should deal it.


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    Johnny519 has the right idea:

    It would be a feather in your cap - "a cause for pleasure at one's achievements" (WR dictionary definition)

    It may be a cause of personal satisfaction but - although such a feeling of satisfaction is good - it doesn't bring in any money (pay the rent).
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