Federal Reserve

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Hello everybody!
I would like some help translating Federal Reserve, the place the makes money, etc.
My guess is reserva federal, but not sure if this will make sense or convey the meaning.
translation if for brazilian portuguese.

  • Guigo

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    Português (Brasil)

    Place that makes money: CASA DA MOEDA

    Entity responsible for controlling, distribution, ect: BANCO CENTRAL DO BRASIL


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    português, Brasil
    As Guigo pointed out, the CASA DA MOEDA is responsible for printing money and the BANCO CENTRAL responsible for regulating the banking system and conducting the monetary policy as a whole, which includes ordering that new money be printed. You can find more information on the website of the Brazilian central bank, also available in English: http://www.bcb.gov.br/?english


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    Brazil, Portuguese
    Hi California1226. Many times the expression is left untranslated, specially when used in newspapers' articles, with a short explanation in brackets that the US Federal Reserve corresponds approximately to what is known as Banco Central in Brazil and other countries. Sometimes they even use the abbreviation Fed.
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