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Hi there!!

I am translating an economic report and one of the underlying economics is the "fee capacity", does someone has any idea of its translation in french?
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    Not unless you can provide more context! Do you have a full sentence, as well as the sentences preceding and following?


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    Hello, trad eco-jur, welcome to the forum :)

    It is a requirement here to give context when you post a question - and it is in your own interest, you will get much more accurate replies.

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    Ok sorry..

    I am translating a economic report about the Intellect Industry (which I have translated as: l'Industrie de l'Esprit...). One of the profit drivers of such Industry is the conversion of fee capacity into profit.
    " Fee capacity is the theoretical maximum income the firm is able to generate given its professional base".

    Thx for you help :D