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    Hi, I'm translating a text into Spanish and I have some doubts about these two expressions... I'll leave the context I what I tried to translate
    Limitations on fee contracts (e.g., the outlawing of contingent fee contracts in the market for lawyers in Europe) are more difficult to justify on the basis of quality assurance. Moreover, the enforcement of limitations on fee contracts is costly and generates incentives for bargaining on the shadow of the law (e.g., informal contingent fees in Europe).
    Limitaciones en los contratos de honorarios?? (ej, ej., la ilegalidad de del contingente de contratos?? de honorarios en los mercados de abogados de Europa) son más difíciles de justificar sobre la base del aseguramiento de calidad. Además, el refuerzo de las limitaciones sobre los contratos de honorarios es costosa y genera incentivos para negociar a la sombra de la ley (contingente informal de honorarios en Europa??)
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