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    Hello everyone, I am trying to translate a birth certificate and I found the expression "fee number", how should I translate it? As "número de registro"? Thanks in advance :)
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    Creo que número de registro podría funcionar, pero fee se refiere más precisamente a una tarifa que alguien ha pagado. Fee se usa cuando hay que pagar algo a un funcionario, el gobierno, una entidad pública, un abogado, etc...así que quizás sería más fiel tarifa, cuota, honorario, abono, etc. Me imagino que para facilitar la partida de nacimiento, han tenido que abonar una pequeña tarifa.

  3. Fee number = "Número de tarifa".

    Anyway, we would appreciate your adding the context. It always helps to grasp the exact meaning of a given expression.:)
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    I agree with Rosón. Absent some context, it is impossible to establish that "número de registro" is meant. I suspect it refers to the number of a regulation or category establishing a fee, but this is a wild guess. What is in the blank space following this heading? Context is everything.

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