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    Is there somebody who can explain me the difference between fee and charge ? I need it for a translation Italian-English of a balance sheet and I don't catch the correct use of the words.
    Here a couple of examples:
    - oneri accessori
    - fondi per rischi ed oneri
    - oneri diversi di gestione
    - proventi ed oneri finanziari

    Thank you a lot!
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    italian (female)
    Cost non andrebbe bene?
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    Se è giusto va bene qualunque cosa!! :D
    Io chiedevo su quelle perchè son quelle che mi indicano vari dizionari..
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    From MW:

    2 a: a fixed charge b: a sum paid or charged for a service

    5 a: expense , cost <gave the banquet at his own charge> b: the price demanded for something <no admission charge>

    In other words, there's nearly no difference. :)
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    English (American)
    I have a reference book on transnational accounting that gives the following translations:

    oneri diversi di gestione: other operating expenses (Income Statement)
    fondi per rischi e oneri: accruals and provisions for risks and charges (Balance Sheet)
    proventi ed oneri finanziari: Financial income and expenses (Income Statement)

    oneri accessori isn't defined, but oneri sociali is translated as Social Security Costs (Income Statement).

    In general, it would be unusual to see the word "fees" on an English language financial statement unless it referred to something very specific. Financial reporting language has evolved over time, so even though something might seem like both a "charge" and a "cost" and even an "expense," the term used will depend on the nature of the item.

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    Grazie per le risposte!


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