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Bank fee: in Spain (ES Spanish), usually all fees charged by a bank for its services are called "comisión", so we suggest to add it to the existing translations of "bank fee" (maybe with ES in brackets). Example: Me cobran comisión por hacer transferencias y por sacar dinero del cajero. Nos cobran una comisión de 8€ por mantenimiento de la tarjeta.
Fee splitting: in ES Spanish, we'd say "reparto" and never "repartición" (it sounds really unnatural, like a non-existent/wrong word here).
Delivery fee: Suggestion to indicate (ES) in "gastos de envío" and (MX, or AmEs) in "costo de entrega" to help users find the best word according to the Spanish variant they need.

Same as a non-English native speaker would expect to be advised if a particular word is used/understood or not in BrEn or AmEn, it would be very useful for non-Spanish speakers who search in the dictionary to know about these differences (mainly, European vs American Spanish, since they can be reeeeally different and some words may even not be understood between these 2 main variants). Thanks!
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    Thanks for your interest in our dictionaries. I've made some changes in these entries taking into account your suggestions. These changes will be visible once our databases are updated in the next months.