feeble border

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The quotation comes from Why Russia props up the dangerous North Korean regime

Quotation: Russia and North Korea indeed share a feeble but consequential 11-mile land border and 12-mile maritime border that functions as supply routes between the two nations. But perhaps more significantly, relations between the two countries have deep roots dating back to the end of World War II when North Korea served the Soviet Union as a potent communist ally on the eastern flank.
Hi everyone! Does "feeble" mean "short"? I came across "feeble border" for the first time.
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    I believe that the intended meaning is indeed "small", although I don't think many native speakers would have chosen this phrasing here.


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    I don't really get this. I think it might mean that it isn't a naturally strong, more easily defended border like a tall mountain range or wide river.

    I don't know what "feeble but consequential" means here.
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