Feed five people with the food of three people

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  1. Anczan Member

    Hello everybody,

    I heard that the phrase "Feed five people with the food of three people: comes from the 50's Mainland China. I wonder how this translates into Chinese, what is the original phrase.

    Thank you for your answers or suggestions!

  2. Daniel 大牛 New Member

    I guess it is saying that people at that did not have enough food. They had to eat less.

    The characters in brackets were added because without them the sentence does not make sense.
  3. Lucia_zwl

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    Hi Anczan, it's "三个人的饭五个人匀着吃". I found a forum article on the Internet concerning this topic. No comment on this article, but I think the following sentence from the article explained your sentence very well.
    This sentence means, since the 1950s, China had been adopting a policy called "low wages, more places". This policy played an important role in reducing unemployment and ensuring people's basic living conditions.
  4. SuperXW

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    I found this one: http://www.globalview.cn/ReadNews.asp?NewsID=31866
    According to this article, this policy was brought up as a solution of the situation at that time.
    a. The CCP have just beaten GMD and the whole country lacked resource.
    b. When CCP absorbed GMD's staff, it was necessary to gave them jobs and salary otherwise they might revolt.
    So the government decided to give them jobs anyway. "Let 3 people share 5 people's food (so no one would die of hunger or become a thief)."
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