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Hello everyone,

If someone sends me their work for review. Can I then send the following message to them once I reviewed it "Here's my feedback for you"?

Because if I give my feedback TO someone it means that I'm assessing them, doesn't it?

I understand that "Here's my feedback on your work" sounds best. Yet still, can I say "Here's my feedback for you"?

Thank you.
  • Uncle Jack

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    I would not add "for you" at all; "Here's my feedback" is fine.

    I suppose either preposition could be used. In another situation, "here's a birthday card for you" and "here's my present to you" are both fine, and the "for/to you" makes it more personal, but giving someone feedback is hardly the same as giving someone a present, and I don't think "for/to you" adds anything, apart from making it sound a little odd, as if the other person should thank you for it.

    "To" does not mean you are assessing them, that would be "on", which you used yourself with "on your work".
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