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Thank you all of you for your in put last week. In addition, we want to get your feedback on to getting alert/ notification when the balance of you acccount is less than 50 dollars.

we are trying to automate some of our systems. I want to check with folks if they want to get an alert/e-mail notification if their account is less than $50. If so, we want to consider it in our requirments. Does the word feedback have to be followed by preposition on in the above sentence.

Thanks you for your help and time.
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    "Feedback" does seem to need "on" in that sentence. "To" is needless: ...we want your feedback on getting alerts/notification...


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    Yes. It's fine if you just get rid of the superfluous "to" before "getting."

    In addition, we would appreciate your feedback on getting alerts when the balance of your account falls below $50.

    That said, if you are asking whether someone wants something, "feedback" is not the best word. I ask for feedback when I'm looking for detailed comments. When I want a simple yes or no answer I just ask! For example:

    Would it be helpful to you if we offered you the option of a getting email notification whenever your account balance falls below $50?

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