Feedback = retribution?


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Hello. Can “feedback” mean “payback” or “retribution” or something like that, “punishment in accordance with one’s acts”?
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    Not that I'm aware of. Do you have a sentence where "feedback" is used in this way?
    Did you look feedback up in the WR dictionary?
    I’ll try to explain:) That’s from a computer game. It’s a strategy where you control your town and your army. Some controlled units can only fight, others can also cast magic spells. Such units have magic energy which is spent on casting those spells. There is an anti-magic unit in this game and he has a special ability: when he attacks a magical unit, he decreases the magic energy quantity of the latter and deals him additional damage. This ability is called feedback.
    I did, but I didn’t find an appropriate meaning(


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    Interesting question. My first response was that it was nonsense, but then I considered the case of a public-address system (PA). If you stand in front of the speakers with a microphone, the output of the PA system is fed back into the microphone and the effect builds upon itself until all you have is an ear-splitting screech.

    I sense a certain parallel here, but it still seems a bit strange. Perhaps "destructive feedback" might work.;)
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